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KPS Global® is the largest provider of custom walk-ins to the convenience store, variety, supermarket, and warehouse club markets. With each unit custom-built to your specifications, our walk-in coolers and freezers set the industry standard. With access to our design and engineering services, your project will be built to your specifications. KPSG ensures quality, durability and top-notch customer service.


Customizable options for convenience stores or beer caves including refrigeration, metal finishes, components like shelving and lighting as well as display and traffic doors are available to meet your job specific needs by experienced KPS Global employees.


KPS Global is the largest provider of custom walk-ins in the nation. Quality, durability and service define our products for supermarkets for many years. With each unit custom-built to your specifications, our walk-in coolers and freezers set the standard for innovation and efficiency. Leveraging over half a century of experience in the design, manufacturing and service of walk-in coolers and freezers.


Large applications in the retail environment require deep industry experience and a team of folks who support your project from start to finish. KPS Global has a dedicated team who focus on wholesale or club stores that are all custom built according to project specifications. Learn more today by contacting KPS Global today.


With a tight footprint and the need for maximized cold storage space, KPS Global is able to provide discount variety retailers a solution that will meet their unique needs in a cost effective way. Leveraging the modular components of the insulated panel system, we are able to fit the right temperature control solution in your limited backroom space.

Beer Caves:

Beer caves provide convenience and liquor stores a shopping experience for their customers. KPS Global is able to create custom solutions for your beer cave. Contact KPSG today to learn more.

Grocery Pickup:

The grocery industry is being disrupted due to the changing shopping habits of consumers wanting convenience and avoiding the long lines at checkout.  Many retailers are offering a click and collect program, in which you order items online or on an app, then pick up at the store.  KPS Global® is uniquely positioned to solve this business problem with a fully integrated solution due to years of manufacturing cold storage solutions coupled with an in-house design and engineering team who can build to specifications so the consumer’s ice create stays frozen but their tomatoes aren’t! Learn more about our services in a recent blog or this infographic.

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